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I am an artist and writer who explores personal and collective feelings about one’s roots and one’s own land. The heimlich and the unheimlich when living abroad, Das Andere, in the absences and the anxieties of the stranger.

I published my graphic novel Lulu la sensationnelle by Presque Lune Editions, in France, and co-wrote and co-edited the full-length essay film As Sure As The Rain, by artist Nick Stewart. The film was awarded a silver laurel by the International Independent Film Awards, in Los Angeles. At the moment I am working on my new novel.

In my teaching, I actively explore the innovation for art education, as an associate lecturer at the Art and Design Department, at Sheffield Hallam University, mainly with Dialogue (https://helenblejerman.com/metaacademy/) which began funded by the Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning. I am also an associate lecturer at Sheffield University where I teach Language and Image, for the Department of Hispanic Studies at the Institute for Lifelong Learning.

After exhibiting my art projects nationally and internationally I came back to writing. I have written for publications like Now Then Magazine, and Berfrois, and have published my short stories in Mexican anthologies. I am a frequent guest at BBC Radio Sheffield, and I have written and co-produced cultural radio shows exploring the feelings around the mother tongue when living abroad (for Radio Sheffield Live 93.2 fm and Radio UNAM 96.1 fm). Projects like Deciphering the City, El Proyecto Calavera, On Pain the Dead and Other Delicacies, and El Jardín de Nuestra Lengua (Our Language Garden).

I have a degree in Advertising and a masters degree in Art. I have worked in places like Mexico, Africa, and England. I have been an invited speaker in places such as Bastad, Sweden (for a European Commission project); Dublin (for Instituto Cervantes de Dublín, and the Mexican Embassy in Ireland), Cork, Ireland (for Cork University), and Foyles in London.

(Photo Francesca Woodman)