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These are two panels of my commission for The Guardian Cities, where I speak about a group of young European surrealists that met in Mexico City in the middle of World War II: Buñuel, Breton, Varo, Carrington. The full work can be seen here. For my press see here.



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Thank you to the COMFOR network and to academic Dr. Veronique Sina at the University of Cologne, Germany, for selecting my graphic novel Lulu la Sensationnelle as one of The Best Graphic Novels of the Year. See here.



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Very happy to have my piece ‘Synesthesia’ in this anthology edited by Emma Bolland and published by Dostoyevsky Wannabe. We read a section of the story along with six other writers in the launch of the book, part of Off the Shelf Festival of Words.



As sure as the rain
As Sure As The Rain won a silver laurel from the Independent Film Awards in Los Angeles. I co-wrote the script and co-edited this feature-length essay film by artist and filmmaker Nick Stewart. For press see here.



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The Beautiful Bug in my Head is the review I wrote for Berfrois, of the award-winning book Graphic Details: Jewish Women’s Confessional Comics in Essays and Interviews. Edited by Sarah Lightman, McFarland, 316 pp. Please read here.




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I was included in the book The Inking Woman ‘a groundbreaking picture-led celebration of the work of over 100 named British artists.’ Published by Myriad Editions (2017).



Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 09.04.49I will be signing books at the Salon Du Livre Paris, with my publisher Presque Lune Editions.


My first graphic novel will be published in French by Presque Lune Éditions 
Reviews of the graphic novel Lulu la sensationnelle
“A story told with great economy and poetry… a faceless silent movie of a graphic novel.”
Broken Frontier, May 2019. Full review by Jenny Robins, here.
“A book of remarkable sensitivity.”  25 Feb 2015. Full review by Sarah Dehove, here.
“Lulu la sensationnelle is a gem. Intelligent, psychological, suffused with poetry.”
First page of BODOI. 25 Feb 2015. Full review by Laurence Le Saux, here.
“Poetic writing.”
Médiathèque de Deux-Sèvres. Full review by Mireille, MDDS here
“Un livre très surprenant.”
A radio review that starts at 1.24.00 min- La Radio JET FM de Nantes, Nov 2014. Listen here.
“A graphic elixir where time stops.”
Mes Premières Lectures. Full review by Nelly Olson, here.
“A particularly moving book!”
Canal BD, Oct/Nov 2014. Full text here.
“Une histoire émouvante et poétique qui aborde avec délicatesse la maladie mentale et ses conséquences sur la vie familiale.”
Dbd Magazine, Dec 2014/Jan 2015. Full text here.


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I will be a guest at 10:30am speaking about my practice as a writer and artist.


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Interview by Carmen Sanjulián, at Instituto Cervantes Dublin (11 min. In Spanish)



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One of my political cartoons was featured in Art Monthly in Michael Corris article The Economy of Art. You can see it here:



Talk Sweden
I am going to be in Bastad, Sweden, talking for Tynet 50+, a project by the European Commission.

El Jardín de la Lengua poster

Throughout September, Radio UNAM is broadcasting the vignettes that contain Our Language Garden – El Jardín de Nuestra Lengua; there will be a new one each day, repeated twice daily. Carlos García de Alba, Mexican ambassador in Ireland, will be featuring as a special guest. For this production, we had the vital support of Radio UNAM producers, Arfaxad Ortiz and Emiliano López Rascón, research input from philosopher Paniel Reyes Cárdenas, and the inspired musicalisation of Xanic Galvan Nieto. After ten months of production, the project hits the airwaves!