The Luminous Mysteries

Rosary 3
Marina Warner quotes Eugenio Trias saying that a religion of the spirit is grounded in events not tenets, and that such events are marked by rituals, ceremonies or symbols. I grew up in a country where invocations to the Virgin Mary marked the rhythm of the calendar. Invocations and apparitions of the Mother of God. In 1531 by the Tepeyac hill the pauper Juan Diego witnessed a series of visions of the Virgin Mary. In one of the revelations she assured him that the miracle he had requested related to the health of his uncle was granted. The Virgin told him that for the bishop to believe him Juan Diego would have to climb the hill and collect flowers growing there. Following her request, Juan Diego found an abundance of flowers unseasonably in bloom on the rocks where only cacti grew. He used his mantle as a sack and he returned to the Virgin where she rearranged the flowers and told him to take them to the bishop. Later that day Juan Diego opened his mantle in the church in Mexico City and the flowers scattered on the floor. Both witnessed that the flowers had left on the mantle an imprint of the Virgin’s image.
Rosary 4
“Purgatory, pictured by Dante as a mountain leading upward to the stars, is the antechamber of paradise, and just as a court favourite who has the emperor’s confidence can arrange a pardon for a suppliant, so the prayers of the saints to God, besought by the living on behalf of the dead, can commute the sentence or even pluck a soul from purgatory and transfer it to eternal bliss.” (1)

Since the pandemic began ten women a day are victims of forced disappearance and found dead in Mexico. I am making this series of works for the families. These Holy Rosaries are a multimedia prayer for the survivors.

The Holy Rosary is a group of Catholic prayers chanted also in burials remembering the Holy Mysteries in the New Testament. It is as well the string with beads used to count these verbal or silent prayers. I have been investigating the ritual, the symbolism and the cult of the Rosary and the mythology that this object veils and reveals.

Rosary 1
Clay combined with pulverized pages of the Luminous Mysteries in the New Testament.
Rosary 2
Clay combined with pulverized pages of the Luminous Mysteries in the New Testament.
  1. Wagner M. Alone of All her Sex: The Myth and the Cult of the Virgin Mary,