Film and Radio

The feature film As Sure as the Rain by Nick Stewart, that I co-wrote and co-edited was awarded a Silver Laurel by the International Independent Film Awards in Los Angeles, California. The full film is made of 21 sequences, these are three of the ten I made.

Rosita  (music Nils Frahm, footage Nick Stewart)/ Our Only Selves (music Nils Frahm, footage Nick Stewart)/ Eros (music and footage Nick Stewart).






As sure as the rain.

As Sure As The Rain

‘Using footage shot on a trip to Mexico, this feature-length essay film explores the childhood memories of Irish artist and filmmaker Nick Stewart, and Mexican writer and artist Helen Blejerman, while also reflecting on contemporary Mexican life as encountered on a two-week trip there.’ Director: Nick Stewart. Script: Helen Blejerman and Nick Stewart. Footage: Nick Stewart. Voice over: Nick Stewart and Helen Blejerman. Audio Edit: Pip Norton with thanks to Pinewood Studios. Music by Nils Frahm.




Our Language Garden (El Jardín de Nuestra Lengua) is a radio project I wrote and co-produced with cultural Radio UNAM, 96.1 fm in Mexico City (Fifteen 7 minutes episodes). In each episode I spoke with a Mexican person based in England and asked them to bring with them a meaningful Mexican word and a personal story related to that word. We looked at the dictionary to see the origin and the use, but above all, we listen to the intimate anecdote, we engaged in the person’s memory, and we felt how that allowed closing the gap between the person and their homeland with language.

Broadcast by Radio Sheffield Live 93.2 fm March 2012 and by Radio UNAM in Mexico City, September 2012 and January 2015.

Producers – Helen Blejerman and Radio UNAM’s Emiliano López Rascón and Arfaxad Ortiz. Research – philosopher Paniel Reyes Cárdenas. Musicalization – Xanic Galván Nieto.

At the BBC Sheffield we played a language game with the audience and people in the studio based on my radio project Our Language Garden. The first rule was to say one word that brings back memories, and people did.

Deciphering the City is a radio project I wrote, recorded and co-produced in 2012 with Radio Sheffield Live and Mind Labs. In 8 episodes we tried to ask some questions. We wondered if a metropolis is at all something one could decipher and if so, how to discover its real substance, the centre of its essence. We asked ourselves if the truth of a city is based on its history or does it lie in its own present. If it becomes projected onto what others perceive or it is reflected in what it inspires in others.

Some say that images from films and literature influence the collective imaginary of a place, but perhaps deciphering a city lies in the history of its own borders. Maybe reaching the essence of a city is reaching what the stranger perceives. The one outside the periphery.

Would it be possible to decipher a metropolis through the notes of a stranger? Would it be an eye with enough distance a feasible way to gain understanding of what a city is made of? Would the understanding of the edges reveal the soul of a city?

We walked through the borders and border-like places of Sheffield and took notes. We brought back the impressions and we broadcast them over the radio. The notes landed back on the urban landscape where they really belong.