International Lab for the Nature of Burials and Contemporary Art (2020)

Julia Kristeva wrote that Significance is indeed inherent in the human body.
I have been researching, exhibiting and publishing work, for a few years, on flora and fauna in mass graves and the nature of burials (As Sure as the Rain, Soil and Soul, A Visual Theory of the Soul, The Soil Where Women (Dis)appear, The Island, Who Lies Beneath). I am investigating the subject further through a practice-based PhD at Sheffield Hallam University Fine Art Department. I’m putting together this space where I have been writing about my conversations with different relevant groups and institutions and where I will identify and invite new ones within different exchange formats. I want to problematise the questions and hopefully expand the discussion and practice. #TheNatureofBurials #WhereWomenDisappear #AVisualTheoryoftheSoul #SoilandSoul