berfroisThis is my review for Berfrois, of Sarah Lightman’s Graphic Details: Jewish Women’s Confessional Comics in Essays and Interviews. Edited by Sarah Lightman, McFarland, 316 pp.  Read here



This is my short graphic novel Lulu. It does not have visual characters. They do exist and move the story forward, but they operate always outside the frame. The book reveals the delusions of the grandiose self via the impact that a paranoid mother has on her seven years old daughter. The characters are not visible as a way of intensifying the solitude and the ineffable nature of their internal worlds. The book is published in French by Presque Lune Éditions.

Thanks to Mike Weaver, Dr. Ian Hague, Nicola Streeten,  Alfonso Zapico, Carmen San Julián, Dave Saxon, Yolanda Del Valle, the publishers Presque Lune, Anne Mawdsley, and the translator into French Adrien Pellaumail.

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Qué vergüenza si escribo como pienso,

qué aterrante si pienso como vivo.

Qué sabido si vivo como esperan,

qué esperanza si cambio lo que escribo.


I have written short stories and book reviews for Berfrois, Now Then Magazine (UK) and Palabras y Plumas Editores (Mexico). My book Lulu was published by Presque Lune Editions (France).