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This is my review for Berfrois of Sarah Lightman’s Graphic Details: Jewish Women’s Confessional Comics in Essays and Interviews. Ed. Sarah Lightman, McFarland, 316 pp. (Photo Francesca Woodman)   Read here
My graphic novel explores the delusions of the grandiose self through the impact that a paranoid mother has on the imagination of her seven years old daughter. I chose not to show the physicality of the characters in this book, as a way of addressing the solitude and the ineffable nature of their internal worlds. The book is published in French by Presque Lune Éditions.  In the publisher’s website you will be able to see a visual extract of the book and a reflection of the work. You can buy it online or in the main bookshops in France, Belgium, Quebec, Canada, and Switzerland.
I have also written short stories and book reviews for Berfrois, Now Then Magazine (in the UK) and Palabras y Plumas Editores (in Mexico).