‘Lulu the Sensational, and the Family Secret.’ pdf English (50 pages).

This story explores the impact that a paranoid mother has on the imagination of her seven-year-old daughter, also, the strength of dreams. This is a tale where we see the words and thoughts of the characters but we do not see their bodies. A short graphic narrative that explores an old family secret. The book was first published in France by Presque Lune Editions (2014). #bullying #eatingdisorders #fame #paranoia #fear #obsession #imagination #art #dreams #films #love



‘Lulu the Sensational, and the Family Secret.’ printed book, English (50 pages).

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“Lulu la sensationnelle is a gem. Intelligent, psychological, suffused with poetry.” The first page of BODOI. “Poetic writing.” Médiathèque de Deux-Sèvres. “Un livre très surprenant.” La Radio JET FM de Nantes. “A graphic elixir where time stops.” Mes Premières Lectures. “A particularly moving book.” Canal BD. “Une histoire émouvant et poétique.” Dbd Magazine. This book was first published in France by Presque Lune Editions. (2015).

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‘Tito and the Love Letters’ pdf English (180 pages).

This book is a detectivesque story of love and self-sabotage. It takes us from Mexico City in 2017 to Puerto de Veracruz after the Mexican Revolution in the 1930s. I undertook the writing of this book after finding a pack of love letters in a flea market in Mexico City. I chose to trace and fictionalize the journey of the author, Tito, an aspiring filmmaker, son of one of the ‘mad women of the revolution,’ inhabitants of the Nautla Psychiatric Hospital. #film #dreams #psychiatry #self-sabotage #love #MexicanRevolution #Veracruz #Mexico


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